With close to thirty years spent fishing in Biscayne Bay, and twenty yearsexperience fishing Florida Bay and Everglades National Park. Capt. Mark’s primary objective during the past years would be this: To facilitate the hard core angler, that is willing to fish (or fly fish) in about any conditions, to catch a particular target (possibly for the first time). As Capt. Mark says, “If you are willing to go, the bite is on in one of the areas within 100 miles of Miami-365 days a year.” At the age of 42, Capt. Mark has logged a lot of time fly-fishing (30+years), fly tying (20+years), spin fishing (35years), using plug casting tackle (15years), and handling a skiff (also 25+years). As an angler the Captain has accomplished most everything imaginable in the shallow waters of south Florida.

Capt. Mark started out his guiding career as a fly fishing guide specializing in Peacock Bass (in the Miami area). You might have previously seen Capt. Mark’s name mentioned in one of a couple of nationally publicized magazines, such as the Drake, USA today, Southeastern Fly fishing, and a few others. By no means is the fresh water fishery the only ones that Capt.. Mark knows well. Peacock bass are just an exotic and convenient fishery that is fun to fish, one of the many fun things to catch in the area. Just think, one day you could be Peacock bass fishing the urban canals of the city of Miami. The next day you have traveled 100 miles to try and catch your first big Tarpon, permit, or bonefish (in Biscayne Bay). And the following day is all about snook, reds and small tarpon in a totally new area (100 miles in a different direction). Where else in the world can you move so quickly between so many spectacular fisheries?

Capt. Marks calm demeanor in those tight situations comes from the fact that he has been the one on the bow getting yelled at before, and you know as well as he does no body likes that. You dictate how you would like the drill to go down once you encounter a shot (with this guide). Capt. Mark is now offering guided trips to Everglades National Park, Biscayne Bay, Florida Bay, the Upper Keys, 10000 islands, along the with the Miami (fresh water) Canal system. All trips are set up for (up to) 2 anglers. Individual anglers will have the pleasure of getting to fish Capt. Mark’s new super technical, shallow water, catching machine.

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